By Teater Bæst

Where: The Brothel at Korsgade 12-14
When: Performance lecture: Wednesday Jan 17, at 10PM / 1:1 performance: Thursday Jan 18 – Saturday Jan 20, three times each day, at 4.30PM, 5.30PM and 6.30PM 
Duration: Performance lecture: 90 min. / 1:1 performance: 35 min.
Language: Danish and English
Price: 50-80kr. Buy your ticket for the performance lecture here and your ticket for the 1:1 performance here.

LUST#2 is a performance lecture based on in depth research of the themes sex work and “the prostitute” as a normative construction in Denmark as well as the rest of Europe.

“I challenge you to tell the difference between a naked prostitute and any other naked woman”. With these words, the performer puts her own body on the line in an interactive and intimate performance lecture. The audience is invited into the private, intimate room, where sex work is found, and out in the public space where normative conclusions often collides with the realities, the sex workers themselves experience.  Our performer Eja Due involves herself in a thorough examination of who “the prostitute” is, and what problems concerning her, we encounter in the public debate.

Eja draws on her own experiences and personal research of the subject – because what are the similarities and the differences between her and a sex worker? What impact and consequences does the individual, in this case the audience, have on the general shaming or acceptance of the whore in our society? In LUST#2 the audience gets an opportunity to be a part of the debate, and not least have their opinions challenged on the subjects prostitution, sex work and sugar-dating.

About Teater Bæst
Teater Bæst wishes to confront its audience with the many hidden and suppressed themes in the modern human being, as well as in the society where it resides.

Performer: Eja Due
Artistic and Dramaturgical Consultant: Henrik Vestergaard Friis
Photo Credits: Camilla Calundann

Experience LUST#2 because…

… you’ll get an educating, entertaining and inspiring experience, you won’t forget for a long time!

Artist Statement

“I challenge you to tell the difference between a naked prostitute and any other naked woman”