By Seimi Nørregaard

Where: Warehouse 9
When: Wednesday Jan 17, at 6PM and 10PM (Danish). Tuesday Jan 18, at 5PM and 10PM (English)
Duration: 50 min.
Language: Danish and English
Price: 50-80 kr. Buy your ticket here.

FRIEND, please be mine. Move and be moved to connect in a performance about loneliness. Welcome to a room of memories and relations.

Performer Seimi Nørregaard guides and directs the audience with words that suggest and associate recognizable scenarios.
Again and again we enter into a social fiction describing our relationship with other people and the roles we take: The pictures and stories we build ourselves with. In an empty room, full of emotions, the audience is invited to recall, dream and reflect.

About Seimi Nørregaard
Seimi Nørregaard graduated from Nordisk Teaterskole (Nordic Theatreschool) in Aarhus in 1998. She creates performances, wherein she adds her personal expression of absurdity and humour, and seeks to address the imagination of the audience. Seimi writes texts that deal with recognisable issues and situations, but with a surprising and playful approach. Furthermore she is one of the co-founders and a member of Independent Performing Artists (Uafhængige Scenekunstnere).

Concept and performer: Seimi Nørregaard

Experience FRIEND because…

… you want to experience a warm-hearted performance about friendship, loneliness and love.



Artist statement:

“Loneliness is a fundamental obstacle for us to stop injustice. It starts early when we do not get
enough love, we see and experience injustice. We begin to behave unjustly. FRIEND is an attempt to push the misconception that we are alone and weak. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
P.S. I often feel alone and helpless.”