Dead Things


By Louise Haugaard Jørgensen

Where: The Lapidarium of Kings – Christian 4.s Bryghus, Frederiksholms Kanal 29, 1220 København K
Where: Saturday, January 20, at 4PM + 5PM + 6PM
Duration: 20 min.
Language: English
Price: 50-80 kr. Buy your ticket here.

N.B! There is no insulation at The Lapidarium of Kings, and it can be cold during the performance. Remember warm clothing!

Do human thoughts have a certain privileged electricity? And how is virtual in an actual body? The site specific performance DEAD THINGS is a three-headed journey towards a possibly very near future in which the concept of artificial intelligence has a new corporeal meaning. In the piece three identical voices are talking to each other – two of them embodied in each their
own speaker, the third performed live. The work plunges into a dream where dialogues between inner voices and appliances with strong personalities mix in a mutually curious dance. The piece investigates the relationship between the artificial and the real, the copy and the original and asks: if humans are animals, how is the artificiality defined? Could human technology be compared to a bird’s nest or a spider’s web?

DEAD THINGS was performed for the first time in 2016 at The Ancient History Museum in Aarhus, which has a large collection of plaster casts of classical Greek and Roman sculpture. These copies, these dead things, which make up the core of the museum collection, are exhibited as art objects in their own right. During the festival the piece will be shown in The Lapidarium of Kings in Christian IV’s Brewhouse, which houses 384 sculptures of stone and plaster dating from the 1500s to the 1700s. This collection of copies and originals has been collected from the royal gardens, squares and castles, and backdrop the performance in its search for the real.

About Louise Haugaard Jørgensen
Louise Haugaard Jørgrensen graduated from the Jutland Art Academy in 2014. She works between
the fields of visual arts, performing arts and literature and her work take the shape of site specific and
often text-based performance, installation and sculpture examining language, belief systems and
habits of thought in order to approach an alternative form of knowledge production.

Idea and production: Louise Haugaard Jørgensen
Photo: I DO ART Agency

Experience DEAD THINGS because…

… it’s an unique opportunity to experience both a fantastic performance and have a look into the beautiful surroundings of The Lapidarium of Kings.


Artist statement:

“DEAD THINGS is a fantasy about the future, about unstable power relations between the artificial and the real, the human and the machine. The work questions a deeply in grown human bias: we only see the world through our own eyes, and taste it with our own mouth, but so many others live here too. Is it possible to imagine the world through the machine?”