Festival Workshop of Critique/Critical Writing

Led by Danjel Andersson (Director MDT)

Where: Udviklingsplatformen for Scenekunst (The Development Platform for The Performing Arts), building 48, Otto Busses Vej 5A, 2450 København SV.

January 17th, from 3-5PM  (Workshop part 1)
January 18th, from 7-10PM  (Performances)
January 19th, from 7.30-10PM  (Performances)
January 20th, from 1-2PM  (Lecture Danjel Andersson)
January 21st, from 1-3PM  (Workshop part 2)

Art and Critical Writing exists hand in hand and develop each other. This workshop is based on a collaboration project we call ”Koreografikritikverkstad” between MDT and Kritiklabbet in Stockholm (Laboratory of Critique) which explores new forms of critical approach and ways of communication of choreographic practices. In this workshop that takes place as a part of Det Frie Felts Festival (The Festival of Independent Performing Arts) we focus on a more broad concept of Live Art. Experimentation is still in the focus. The desire is to be able to benefit creatively from making mistakes. Try. Fail. Try again. Fail better.

We are looking for texts that break norms and create resistance. Hopefully we all learn something new or
remember something we may have forgotten.

The workshop simply goes like this:
We meet up. We watch performances in the festival program together and get a specific task, we write a
text in response to the task. We are going to see at least three performances in the festival. Then we will
meet again and discuss the task and the texts. The workshop is going to be held in sort of English.

Registration at kontakt@detfriefeltsfestival.dk