Why The Independent Performing Arts Festival?

The Independent Performing Arts Festival evokes the Independent field, which is a necessary counter-culture to the experiences that the established art institutions present. The independent field of professional performance art is both avant-garde and a laboratory for development of new sorts of experiences. The performance environment has managed to collect some strong forces that have worked towards making the artistic value and social necessity of the independent field visible. This becomes evident in The Independent Performing Art Festival – SELECTED WORKS 2018.


The people behind the festival

The Festivalmanagement is dramatist and dramaturg Gritt Uldall-Jessen and director, performer Erik Pold. The program of the festival is curated by a team of selected curators: Performer and choreographer Kitt Johnson, director and dramatist Jesper Pedersen and performance- and visual artist Naja Lee Jensen.

This year the management has curated an international opening performance for the first time. TROPICAL ESCAPE by the Hungarian performance group Sildenafil Fairy will open the festival at Wednesday, January 17, at 8PM.


Credits 2018

The festival is co-presented with Warehouse9 and The Royal Danish Theatres new dancecompany Corpus

Curators: Kitt Johnson, Jesper Pedersen and Naja Lee Jensen
Managers and fundraising: Gritt Uldall-Jessen and Erik Pold
Production Manager: Nils Engelbrecht Sørensen / Kanonproduktion
Head of Communcation: Karen Toftegaard
Communication Officer: Stine Merrild
Digital Editor: Trine Berg Balle
Graphic Design: Jakob Rønlov
International Coordinator: Emma Sofie Møller
Accountant: René Kruse
Technique department: Mogens Kjempff (Technical Manager), Yaw Darko (Technical Manager), Sven Christoffersen, Jens
Thomsen, Boris Engelbrecht Sørensen og Joakim Rødgaard
Volunteers: Vincent Jonsson, Emilie Gregersen, Elizabeth Japsen, Gry Raaby og Masoumeh Mirzaie

Board of directors: Elisabeth Ehmer, Louise Kirkegaard, Danjel Andersson, Jens Frimann Hansen and Christian Adelhorst Rossil (Managing director)
Collaborator: The Development Platform for The Performing Arts

”Festivalworkshop for Critique/Critical Writing” is a collaboration with MDT Stockholm.

The Independent Performing Artists (Uafhængige Scenekunstnere) and Stage Artists without a Stage (Scenekunstnere Uden Scene) initiated the festival in 2014-16, where Gritt Uldall-Jessen and Christian Adelhorst Rossil did the work with the festival. The two organisations hired Production Manager Nils Engelbrecht Sørensen and Communication Manager Karen Toftegaard to produce the festival in 2014-2016. In 2017 the festival was produced by “Foreningen bag Det Frie Felts Festival”.

“Foreningen bag Det Frie Felts Festival” (founded in 2016) stands behind Det Frie Felts Festival. The board of directors in “Foreningen bag Det Frie Felts Festival” are: Lawyer Elisabeth Ehmer, producer Louise Kirkegaard (1:1 Produktion), theatre manager Danjel Andersson (MDT, Stockholm), theatre manager Jens Frimann Hansen (Helsingør Teater), and on behalf of “Uafhængige Scenekunstnere”, performer and teacher Christian Adelhorst Rossil, lastmentioned is chosen as a chairman of the board. René Kruse from “Behind The Scenes” and “Teater Får302” is chosen as administrator of the union.

Former curators: Tina Tarpgaard, Kristian Husted, Gritt Uldall-Jessen, Nils P. Munk, Ida Krøgholt,
Daniel Norback, Anders Lundorph and Laura Luise Schulz.

Greetings from,
The Festival Managers / The Independent Performing Art Festival
– Gritt Uldall-Jessen and Erik Pold

The Independent Performing Art Festival – SELECTED WORKS 2018 is supported by:
Statens Kunstfond, Københavns Kommunes Scenekunstudvalg, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Augustinus Fonden.