Open Call

Next edition of the festival takes place March 11 – 17, 2019.
It takes place at Prøvesal A at the Royal Theatre and in the Concert Church on Blågårdsplads.

Artistic profile
At Selected Works we present works from the independent performing arts scene in Denmark. We aim to show the diversity of the field within choreography, post-dance, experimental theatre, performance art, live art, new circus, readings performance lectures, site-specific and participatory work, installations and new genres and formats that we haven’t named or encountered yet.
The curators are looking for works that are new, innovative, experimental and a challenge to the existing conventions within the performing arts.

The curator team this year consists of choreographer and dancer Mette Ingvartsen, playwright and dramaturge Gritt Uldall-Jessen and director, choreographer and performer Erik Pold.

Prøvesal A at the Royal Theatre is the venue hosted by the dance-company Corpus, it consists of a big Black Box with a fixed audience seating and a more flexible ”Prøvesal B”.
In the Concert Church we will have access to a big hall (the former church space) that is a little tricky to black out completely, and a smaller space downstairs in the basement that is very useful for smaller performances, interactive or installation work.

When you apply to participate you will be asked for a price (ex. “moms”) that should cover the costs of performing your work at the festival. Please include the price for one performance and the following performances as well.

The application
We accept applications of maximum 2 pages, with a description of the artistic project including reflections on form and content. Apart from that please include:

  • A budget/price
  • Information about the person in charge of the project
  • CV for all participating artists. (one page per person)
  • Links to video (preferable links to Vimeo- or Youtube) of the work you wish to present at the festival, or if it is a premiere then links to video-documentation of earlier artistic works. Full video-documentations are preferred.
  • Technical rider.
  • Please fill in the application form: Click here to download

Send your application for ”Selected Works/Det Frie Felts Festival 2019 to the following email:

Deadline: Monday September 10, 2018 at 23.59 the latest.
Applicants will be notified about possible participation by November 1, 2019.

Terms of participation

1)     Be aware that we have certain limitations to the technical and physical conditions of the festival. We have a relatively short “get in” and “get out” time for each performance. We will however do what we can to secure as many demands as possible. We do encourage however that all applicants consider creating a more “touring friendly” version of the more technical demanding performances.

2)     As a starting point each performance will only be presented once at the festival, however there can be exceptions if it is more intimate performances that allows a limited amount of audiences at the time. Please specify if this is the case in your application.

3)     We only present works targeted at an adult audiences 16+

4)     All works presented should have some affiliation with Denmark, we don’t accept international guest performances through the open call, unless it is a Danish co-production in some way.

We have certain guidelines and focus-points in relation to PR. The chosen projects will all receive these guidelines shortly after being accepted for this years programme, please be prepared for some collaboration concerning PR that requires a bit of your time.